Editing is a wildly important step in the writing process. What a lot of authors don’t realize is that choosing an editor is just as important as the editing itself.

Not only do you want someone who knows what they’re doing, you want someone who cares about your story – your success – as much as you do. As an editor, I work with you, not for you. I want to show you where your execution falls flat of your vision, and I want to explain why it didn’t work so your next project can be better from the get-go.

My goal isn’t to change your voice or take over your story. It’s to bridge the gap between what you see in your head and what you put down on paper.

Because choosing an editor is so important (and because there are so many of us), I’ve got a page dedicated solely to reviews. Look at what I’ve done for others, imagine what I can do for you, and click Contact to request a quote. I offer sample edits on the first 2000 words, so when you choose to work with me, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.